*Hikes are in order as accomplished *

Beegum Gap to Rabun Bald to Flint Knob and back 2-26-2022 7.2 miles

Not bad for my first hike, perfect weather

Blood Mountain and Freeman trail 3 -7-2022 6.2 miles

James E Edmunds trail 4-10-22 7.1 miles

Slightly chilly, there was ice on the trail

Appalachian trail approach and Len Foote trail loop 7-6-2022 11.2 miles

Very Humid on the trail, but beautiful

Amicalola Falls to Springer Mountain and back 8-7-2022 18.3Miles

VERY strenuous hike, VERY hot, VERY humid

Dicks Creek gap to North Carolina state line 3-4-2023 12 Miles

Tough hike, lot of up, weather was perfect

Unicoi gap to Hogpen gap 4-23-2023 14 miles

A very long hike, but well worth the effort

Hogpen gap to Neels gap 7-29-2023 6.7 miles

Awesome hike! cool breeze almost all the way

My goal is to section hike from the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia at Springer Mountain to the North Carolina state line 79 miles. Outlined in RED is what I have accomplished so far. I will update as I complete the sections

Lake Winfield Scott to Woody gap

10-8-2023 7.43miles

Easy trail going down, very tough going back up

Hiking Exploits

Woody gap to Cooper gap

11-7-2023 8.2 miles

lots of flat hiking very moderate

Next Hike... Tuesday December 5th Springer Mountain to Cooper gap 11ish miles